YTILI - Young Transatlantic Innovative Leaders Initiative - Detroit - Luxembourg 

What is YTIL

The Department of State’s Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI) develops and cultivates relationships among emerging European and American leaders. YTILI is an investment in the transatlantic partnership to strengthen prosperity and enhanced security on both sides of the Atlantic.

European participants come from all across the continent. In 2017, 116 young entrepreneurs will participate in this two-way exchange led by Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs and implemented by The German Marshall Fund.

If you and your project will be selected, you will travel to US with other 100 entrepreneurs, innovators and be placed in one of the host cities across United States of America

How to find out about YTILI 2018 ?

YTILI is operated by the local US embassies in every country in Europe, by visiting their website in your country of residence, you can find the information about the next years program. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to be proactive and ask them directly about the YTILI 2018 program.


My host city was Detroit

The first impression I got from Detroit was the roughness of that city, however by looking closer, that roughness is what makes it want to be explored.

From getting to know the history of that infamous city, I understood quite fast that people have decided to rise from the ashes, which was visible in every way I experienced it; the inhabitants emerged into very supportive and strong communities, instead of complaining the people exhibited hope about the future.

From that I sensed that Detroiters fight to give Detroit the power of its name back again.

Through that, the various social events reinforcing the community and every individual of it at once, led to an interesting cult of entrepreneurship. Reminiscing the foundation of the entrepreneurial values of the global successes of local legendary accomplishments such as the Motown Records and Henry Ford, their legacies spark relentless faith in the destiny of the city. Through the fantastic cultural heritage shown at the Motown Museum or the Ford Innovation Museum, Detroiters are encouraged to strive for the highest quality of interactivity with progress, innovation and history.

In that way, the art of entrepreneurship can be considered social, progressive and relentless, no matter what, it is there to make Detroit shine again.

This also reflects in the loyalty of its citizen; I witnessed inhabitants asserting their will of staying in the city, whereas millions left it in times of crisis. This fidelity showed to be a durable foundation of strength to overcome obstacles and of drive to not give up.

The expression of such willpower is illustrated through a very present art movement as well. In fact, art is felt everywhere; up to the way people interact with each other. The sense of community and one big family takes its pride in sharing the common dream. With institutions like the Red Bull House of Art, and the various graffitis and paintings on the walls of the city, you can read the soul of Detroiters all across its landscape.

Places & People I will always be grateful to have meet in Detroit : 

Global Ties & Marian Reich

Metro Museum od Design Detroit & Leslie Anne Pilling 

Steven Rybicki - Infinity and Ovation Yacht Charters

Red Bull House of Art and Robert-David Jones

Ser Metro Team and Rocio Campos and Malik Riley 

Green Garage Detroit

Pony Ride

Techtown & Paul Riser 

Motown Museum 

Detroit Art Instituite

City architecture by Albert Kahn - Architect of Detroit

Heidelberg Project

Detroit Historical Society


Very Special Thanks to U.S Embassy Team Members for trusting in #BRAVEYOUTH from the very beginning and giving us the opportunity to be part of YTILI

Daniel M Pattarini 

Stephanie Shaheen

Patricia Reckel 


BIG BIG THANK YOU  to organisers of YTILI Team German Marshall Fund

Geraldine Gardner 

Divya Khandke 

Zachary Tarrant

Last but not least, thanks to Igor & Branko my talented, smart and #BRAVE YTILI Detroit Fellows 

Igor Fedorov -  the best combination of humbleness & intelligence in one person, co-founder of Sinet Group  and inDriver

Branko Vasiljevic - companion with BOLD ideas :) < showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous > Co-Founder of DVC Solutions