♔ S O C I A L    E N T R E P R E N E U R S H I P ♔


The Office
29 Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, 1331 Luxembourg


Sheena Lindahl, Founder & CEO of "Empact", a young and award-winning entrepreneur from the U.S., is visiting Luxembourg!

☞ became financially independent from her parents at the age of 17
☞ payed for her own $30,000+ yearly tuition at New York University
☞ was named in 2006 by Business Week as one of the country's top 25 entrepreneurs under the age of 25

♔ BRAVE YOUTH ♔Mumpreneurs Luxembourg ASBL and U.S. Embassy Luxembourg have the honour of sharing the opportunity to have Sheena hanging out with us at The Office SARL and to hear her impressive achievements and the inspiring mindset that led to them.

The THEME of the event is SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP = start up companies and entrepreneurs who develop or fund solutions addressing SOCIAL, CULTURAL, or ENVIRONMENTAL issues.

The Social Entrepreneurs will start the event with presenting their projects and then we will move on to open discussion with all event participants!


☞ Sheena Lindahl, Founder & CEO of "Empact". Empact's work focuses on facilitating a culture of entrepreneurship in communities across the world through exposure, celebration and early stage startup support. 

☞ Rosa Villalobos, Founder of fashion brand "Impashion". A new brand of clothing with a purpose to fight child labour.

☞ Giacomo Piovan, Co-Founder of "Socialmatter" - a design studio working on products and services for evolving social and environmental realities. 

☞ Cristina Picco, Co-Founder of “Mamie et Moi" - a social enterprise with a solidarity impact where senior ladies have the opportunity to gain a small complement of pension by practicing their passion for knitting.

☞ Emma Zimmer, Founder of "Nouma" - a business that facilitates cohousing mainly for people from 60 years on, with the aim to create a lifestyle that helps people to age better.


We will also have a kids corner prepared with a babysitter to watch over and entertain your child during the event, so you can attend without any worry. 

Please send us an email to mumpreneursluxembourg@gmail.com to let us know if you plan to come with children (how many and their age) so we can plan accordingly.

☞☞ Event free till 20.02, afterwards 10 eur ☜☜

registration obligatory