When I create I feel like on a metaphysical journey in which I experiment without knowing the destination.
It’s like a complete introspection with myself and my thoughts, like where I’m from where I’m going, what I learn, how I see the world.
Cabinet de Curiosites Collectiom, Arlon Fashion Week 2016

Cabinet de Curiosites Collectiom, Arlon Fashion Week 2016


Artwork created for the (CON)TEMPORARY ART GALLERY Project in Lorentzweiler curated by Joel Rollinger
Life is not always what we expect it to be.
It has levels, it has depths, it has waves, it has creases.
Sometimes it blows up, and sometimes it seems lifeless.
Life can be compared to anything and nothing at the same time.
The defining factor of life is what we make of it, but furthermore what we think of it.
How we percieve life is put on test with this series. The viewer is free to make his own interpretation. It may look ugly, it may look funny. It may look tasty, it may look scary.
But what counts is that in the end of the day, we all possess one. And it is our purpose to approach it with curiosity, with joy, with serenity, with unconditional love, and acceptance for the unknown.
Life can scream, or it can just be cream!