Valéry Mendes is ‪#‎BRAVEYOUTH‬ is ‪#‎BRAVEYOUTH‬

Valery is not just your average Bartender. He is YourBartender! 

Fed up with the conventional Bartending job, he was convinced he was capable of much more than that. Driven by his ambition to the US to deepen his skills, he came back and decided tro create Your Bartender Luxembourg a little over a year ago.

Today Your Bartender Luxembourg has been hired at not only corporate events hosted by Losch, BMW, Lotterie Nationale, among other, but also weddings or public events like Gala Tour de France. And many more to come, we are sure!




Roger was 21 years old when he went to Kenya for the first time in 2013, following the first Make me Smile Festival he co-created in 2012 in Vienna. The festival gathers every year since, an impressive lineup of mindblowing reggae and hip-hop artists with all benefits going to the NGO.

Being chosen as the ambassador in Tokyo for Pioneers Festival, a visionary organization originally in Vienna, last year, he also hosted the first edition of the entrepreneurial event for high tech start-ups called Pioneers Unplugged Tokyo.

He will bring Pioneers to Luxembourg soon too, and is currently preparing the next Make Me Smile Festival for october in Vienna!

Roger is a bit everywhere as you can see, so you’ll guess right that you can talk with him about anything, you have our permission



Pit Dahm is ‪#‎BRAVEYOUTH‬

Pit started playing drums at the age of 4. He’s spent half his life at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg and after his graduation moved to Amsterdam to pursue his music passion.
Since, he won many awards, and now most certainly counts among the finest young jazz musicians in Europe.

You’ll be certain not to miss him in his dapper looks and remarkable moustache!

"I have initiated 2030 WHEN i GROW UP in a paediatric hospital where I was teaching kids, who spent most of their time within 4 walls, how to let their imagination unfold and create their own story, a story without limits, but only limited by their own fear or courage. I started organizing creative ateliers as I highly believe participatory film-making teaches kids self-awareness, logic and reasoning, training the positive imagination, healthy scepticism, relationships, be it friends, family or future lovers, well... things we do not learn in school, but which we need in daily life. Its a tool to empower children by being the hero in their own journey. 
My dream is to help children create their own media, but more importantly to use it for creating their own hero's journey, and spread their messages all over the world"
Ladies & Gentlemen let me intriduce you Andra Maria Matresu - cross-media producer and Romain Guillaud founders of 2030 WHEN i GROW UP

I just cannot wait to meet Andrita!!



eLfy, an extraordinary illustrator, has created herself the perfect value addition to her skills; 8 months ago she set up Supermiro, a one-of-its-kind open-source agenda, presented through a highly user-friendly and engaging interface adorned with eLfy’s very own funky illustrations heart emoticon

You can find the coolest things to do, on any day, at the corner of your street grin emoticon

Today she is the silver winner of the Design Awards in digital design and has already collaborated with the likes of BNP, Ville de Luxembourg, Seat, Auchan Drive, Mudam, House 17, Utopolis and beautiful ones to come, like Tango, Luxair, Orange…

You can ask her yourself at the event when you can get the supermiro App on your smartphone wink emoticon


Marianne Da Silva Cardozo is ‪#‎BRAVEYOUTH‬

Marianne, a venezuelan young woman living in Luxembourg for 2 years, has decided to quit her job and recently found her company NUXNuxspreads, heavenly delicious handmade nut spreads, in January this year.

Her creative mind has opened her doors for collaborations with Lët'z go local , Orla CollectiveVegan Society LuxembourgThe Social Couture Club Luxembourg etc, by demonstrating to the public a zillion ways to use her spreads in cooking and desserts, through which she proved that the healthy way always wins, especially in taste! tongue emoticon

We are fan.


video by Alexander Kristiansen


Event photos by: Melissa Di Paolo, Mark Zimmer, Amy Sandoval, Kasia Kolo, Grégory Mébille